Monday, July 1, 2013

Davin is a missionary

Davin is a Missionary!!!
It is hard to believe, but my little chubby blond cherub is all grown up and doing amazing things with his life.  He is a man - and a fine one.  Intentional parenting can be demanding and exhausting, but I am putting in writing, "It is so worth it!!!"  I have loved this child more than he ever wanted haha and more than he ever knew he needed.  Now I love him even more.  Every night I wrap my arms around him in the biggest warmest hug I am capable of, and I ask Heavenly Father to carry it to him.  In his life, I tried to teach him that he could do anything but especially that he could do hard things.  As adulthood has slowly descended upon him, he has had to do some hard things, but he is prepared.  He is tender but strong, honest but kind, sensitive but resilient.  Ok to be honest he is not perfect.  At one point in my quest to be an amazing parent, I thought he should be perfect.  Thankfully, a wise seasoned neighbor mentioned casually to me while I was complaining about something he was or wasn't doing, "You don't want him to have to be your perfect."  It was as if she was shouting it at me, and I completely understood.  I hope it wasn't too late.  Because I realized that my job was not to change who he was but rather to smooth out his edges.  He has been smoothed and I see will continue to have his edges smoothed out by his adventure called life.  Oh how I love him, appreciate him, and desire for his happiness.  We celebrate his choice to serve the Lord instead of mourning his absence.  This does not mean that we don't miss him to no end.   We love you Davin. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Davin opens his mission call!!!! January 2nd 2013

Davin has been called to serve in the Puebla North mission in Mexico.  He will report on April 17th.  I still remember him singing I hope they call me on a mission at my Aunt Marilyn's first mission farewell when he was so little and thinking wow I have a long time to teach and prepare him.  Well, my time is really almost up especially because it is not the sort of thing you can cram for!  We love you Davin and believe you will make a big difference in many people's lives including your own.
Sledding in Wrightwood January 2013
 The gang minus davin who waited in the car with his broken leg :(
 Emmie and Brody
 Perry and Josie
Kellen just 3
Brad just 44 haha

Ok I know it has been a while but I wanted to get started again.  My ideas for helping run a family have to be simple and easy because I don't have time for elaborate and I don't want to do something I won't stick with.  The job jar has been around for years and is used if I have been as patient as I can and don't want a big problem I just give the kids a warning that next time it is the job jar.  It has some things in it to make them think about others, some to lighten the mood, and some serious work too. 
The folders are a huge life-saver for me.  Each child has a folder with a individual folders inside for their main activities.  I quickly and immediately sort through all papers shoved under my nose and dump most and file the others.  Brad and kids also puts things in there-so simple!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012
This is a beautiful day for me. This year we went to church with Nana and Gpa to hear uplifting messages about our Savior. In case my children read this now or in years to come I testify that he is real, that he loves us and that the eternal plan of happiness is our blessing because of Christ if we want it to be. I wish for each of you all the happiness that God gives freely if you do your part.
Knott's Berry Farm
We had to go big since we stayed home this spring break so we got Knott's Berry Farm passes. It is a great time for a lot less than Disneyland meaning less money and less crowd, and it includes entry to 3 water parks during the summer season. This is going to be the family gift that keeps on giving. My favorite part is that it is something the entire family can do and all enjoy - this is a challenge when you have an 18 year old and a 2 year old!
Nana and Gpa got the passes too yea!!!After being terrified by the Easter Bunny the only way Kellen was going near these characters was in his mother's safe arms!
Love you guys tons - oh wait I have already said that a million times sorry.

We have started orthodontics with child #3. We obviously do not carry the gene for straight teeth. They sure do look beautiful when they are done - but here is the before picture.
This girl is so tough on the soccer field. If you haven't watched under 16's play competitive soccer you haven't seen physical. This is the sweetest girl you will ever come across just don't cross her on the field! She goes in with her head all the time and it just makes me cringe. Saturday this is what her eye looked like - it got way worse but I didn't take another picture. Perry just remember prom is in two weeks :)!

It was national signing day, and here is Davin signing his life away or at least the next while. He looks pretty happy about it though:)

We all jumped in for a photo after the festivities. You can tell he feels relieved to have things settled and we are too.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break 2012
The sea lions in La Jolla made our beach day so fun. These animals are really unique - they are different from seals or otters because they don't have long enough front flippers. This makes them graceful and cute swimming in the water and awkward and silly looking on land.
Perry is much more of a beach beauty than the otters and the setting was so beautiful I just had to do an impromtu photo session (which Davin was really patient about only because Shayna was there :) )
Kellen was always on the move so catching him was a trick. He loved the day - especially digging in the sand and the food haha. He was so tired out, he fell asleep in the car on the way home!Josie Kate is so grown up looking these days. Just absolutely love this girl!!!!
Emmie caught sand crabs, played volleyball, played in the water, climbed rocks and did what she mostly does, which is to enjoy whatever she is doing.
Brody has been waiting to go to the beach since last summer. During the summer we go once a week, and he loves the beach. He is the reason we went to see the sea lions. He really wanted to play in the tide pools too, but we timed it wrong. He was happy to climb rocks instead.
Davin was just happy because Shayna was with us!
I jumped in a family shot thanks to Shayna. I love these people so much!
Davin asked Shayna to prom by dressing up as a prince and waking her up with his friend playing the trumpet. He wrote her a cute poem and had a scroll on a velvet red pillow the said "PROM?". My boyfriends never did stuff like that for me... oh well too late now!
Brad and Davin heading off to priesthood session of conference.
Perry's soccer banquet. She was recognized for being one of 3 sophomores on varsity and for being selected as an all league player. Perry I love watching you play too!
Josie had another band concert. She is the one front and center glowing like an angel is what her "sickening lovestruck" mother thinks. She was selected for symphonic band, but has decided she wants to participate in ASB leadership next year instead :(
Davin had his basketball banquet which I think I mentioned in an earlier post, but here he is with his coaches. No more high school basketball unless Brody or Kellen decide to play, but he has committed to UC Riverside after a year long process of meeting and talking to universities. He had several opportunities, but this one met his goals the best. They are division 1, strong academics, church institute program on campus, and they will be paying his tuition, books, room, and food. We are happy we will be seeing a lot of his games because his conference has so many so cal schools in it.