Monday, July 1, 2013

Davin is a missionary

Davin is a Missionary!!!
It is hard to believe, but my little chubby blond cherub is all grown up and doing amazing things with his life.  He is a man - and a fine one.  Intentional parenting can be demanding and exhausting, but I am putting in writing, "It is so worth it!!!"  I have loved this child more than he ever wanted haha and more than he ever knew he needed.  Now I love him even more.  Every night I wrap my arms around him in the biggest warmest hug I am capable of, and I ask Heavenly Father to carry it to him.  In his life, I tried to teach him that he could do anything but especially that he could do hard things.  As adulthood has slowly descended upon him, he has had to do some hard things, but he is prepared.  He is tender but strong, honest but kind, sensitive but resilient.  Ok to be honest he is not perfect.  At one point in my quest to be an amazing parent, I thought he should be perfect.  Thankfully, a wise seasoned neighbor mentioned casually to me while I was complaining about something he was or wasn't doing, "You don't want him to have to be your perfect."  It was as if she was shouting it at me, and I completely understood.  I hope it wasn't too late.  Because I realized that my job was not to change who he was but rather to smooth out his edges.  He has been smoothed and I see will continue to have his edges smoothed out by his adventure called life.  Oh how I love him, appreciate him, and desire for his happiness.  We celebrate his choice to serve the Lord instead of mourning his absence.  This does not mean that we don't miss him to no end.   We love you Davin. 


  1. I love that I can click on here from time to time and see what you are up to and be inspired. You have such a knack for it and your kids are lucky to have you. I love thinking of Davin in Mexico when it REALLY does seem like you just had him and then you just met my Emmy in Cali when she was 7 months old. Now she is finally in YW and was at girls camp with me last week and Davin is a missionary. OH my gosh where oh where does time go!!? how did this happen so fast?? sweet sweet memories are made but seems like they just blend together and it is so hard to grasp them. I loved what you said about not wanting your kids to be YOUR kind of perfect. Great parenting advice. I have let up on my oldest the past few months with her C's in school and not having a big interest in much else and it has helped us do more than just tolerate each other. (or that might have just coincided with me just recently giving in and her finally having her first Iphone at almost 17! anyway...she is speaking to me and smiling and it is a new leaf. No one tells you how hard it will be and no books can prepare you for it, huh
    hope your family is well and your one-less isnt too hard. Enjoy that beach!
    Wish we werent on opposite coasts. Miss you and your beautiful smile. lots of love from the east,

  2. thank you for the comment. i took you up on the instagram invite and have been following you on there. so fun to see your beautiful family. it is tough sometimes, especially with teens and these strong personalities these kids are coming with these days! Perry just got her first iphone last month and that is one reason i signed up for the instagram. i am enjoying being connected to my great niece that way too. i am the haley006 that likes your pics every now and then :) congrats on your baby's baptism. living with one less is going ok. there is definitely a gigantic hole in the Guinn house though. his best friend came over this week and it about killed me. so strange when it hits - i am so super busy, and davin was gone most of the year last year, but then it hits bad sometimes! just want to hug that boy so bad! get plenty of hugs from yours this year - it goes by way too fast! love, haley